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Amy and Perky from Love Your Cat video

Amy and Perky from Love Your Cat video

My Kitty Care
s for those of us who love our cats. They are members of our families, and they bring joy and love into our lives. Plus, they are mighty entertaining. My Kitty Care offers kitty care tips, and provides references for vets, and other cat services. We love to share your videos, photos and stories of your cats that you can submit to MY KITTY CARE, or share on MyKittyCare Facebook

Love Your Cat canvas tote bag

Love Your Cat canvas tote bag




finding unique gifts for cat lovers

I was frustrated trying to find unique  gifts for cat lovers in my life that weren’t downright tacky tchotko. My Kitty Care searched for gifts that are classy, fun and clever, gifts I want to give to cat lovers in my life, unique gifts I’d like for myself. My Kitty Care found some cool stuff that we happily make available to my fellow cat lovers. Unique gifts specifically designed for cat lovers. Love Your Cat bags and iPhone cat wristlets are practical, fun and surprising: designed by My Kitty Care, and handcrafted by Love Shine, NYCThey are mighty useful. 

New at the My Kitty Care are convenient iphone cat wristlets (which function as iPhone case/wallet). Visit unique gifts for cat lovers
My Kitty Care registeredfor more unique gifts for cat lovers: Love Your Cat bags and iphone cat case ♥ cat jewelry ♥ cat coffee mugs.

Love Your Cat video

Love Your Cat video, by High Noon Productions, LLC

Love Your Cat  videos for all cat lovers!

Love Your Cat are videos every cat lover will enjoy having, and your cats will benefit from it too. If you have cats, take care of cats or just loves them: these videos are entertaining and informative. Cat Grooming, Kitty Care, Tica Cat Show videos are packed with interviews, demonstrations and so much useful stuff: when to go to a vet, how to bathe a cat; giving a cat insulin, meeting a variety of cat breeds at the Tica cat show, how to grow catgrass, and much much more. In the Cats and Their People, enjoy unusual stories about cats and their people: regardless how these people met their cats, they all share a special bond that cats have with us – that’s why our cats are so special.


My Kitty Care registered

For people who think all cats are aloof, or just don’t like them, they don’t understand: cats have unique personalities, and we bond with them in a deep way which is why our cats are members of our families. So for those people who think we’re crazy, who cares? I love my cats…


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