kitty litter detects sick cats

Someone has figured it out: kitty litter detects sick cats.  There are many kitty litter products on the market, for many purposes, but none that detects sick cats – sounds like a good idea.

kitty litter detects sick cats

cat in kitty litter box
photo by shari smith dunaif 2015

Pretty Litter is a new company that offers kitty litter that detects sick cats. My Kitty Care went on Pretty Litter’s website, and saw this

…changes color to detect common feline health issues.

but couldn’t find out what material is used for the product so My Kitty Care contacted The company. Erin Vadala handles the company’s media, and responded with the following:

Pretty Litter uses natural ingredients made of silica gel with an additive similar to the ph dipstick a veterinarian would use to test a cat for any urinary anomalies. It’s scoopable, flushable, dust-free, feline-safe, and
Thanks, Erin


cat looks at Kitty litter box

cat looks at Kitty litter box
photo by shari smith dunaif 2015

This kitty litter may be helpful in detecting CKD (chronic kidney disease) or acute kidney disease, which many cats get, and urinary infections. These health problems, like most health issues with cats, are difficult to detect, especially early in the disease – so it would be terrific if this Pretty Litter kitty litter really works.

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Lion City Kitty Cat Museum Singapore

singapore downtown

photo by shari smith dunaif 2014

Singapore recently opened its first cat museum: Lion City Kitty Cat Museum Singapore. The Lion City Kitty cat museum celebrates the diverse history of Singapore’s cats. It’s also an adoption centre. Located at Purvis Street in the heart of Singapore’s city centre, the three-storey Lion City Kitty Cat Museum features multi-media exhibits that showcase a variety of cat themed artwork and various items of feline kitsch.
The museum is the brainchild of Jessica Seet, a former local radio news reporter and a cat lover herself.
“There are a few cat museums in the world, but I believe the Lion City Kitty of Singapore is the very first museum with live cats. And I didn’t want a museum where people just come to see arts and crafts, I really wanted people to understand there was an inspiration behind the art and the inspiration is really the beautiful animals. Visitors can interact and play with real cats on the two upper floors of the museum, the Muse Gallery and The Mansion.Lion City Kitty cat museum SingaporeThe purpose of the museum and having resident cats is to change the public perception towards cats, and to create a stronger interest in local breeds.
Lion City Kitty is the term we coined for the local kitty cats that live right here in Singapore,” said Ms. Seet.
To achieve that, Seet works in collaboration with the Singapore Cat Welfare Society (CWS). The organization brings in rescued or abandoned cats to stay in the Muse Gallery, an entire floor dedicated to the cats available for adoption, for a three month rotation period.
“I think we have changed the perspective of some people. Previously they may have thought that it would be better to buy exotic cats, because they are more exclusive and expensive as opposed to local cats. Also people realise how easy it is to take care of a cat,” said Sya Shukor, Cat Welfare Society. 20150823-092044.jpg
“The Lion City Kitty museum is very different from the cat café that we have around here, because it is a non profit organization, it’s more about educating the people…and we can save a life and adopt instead of buy,” she said.
Seet also hopes to expand into cat therapy programs and plans to work with the Cat Welfare Society to provide cats identified with a calm personality as therapy cats. The cats would be brought to hospitals and senior homes to visit patients or senior citizens.

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cat video festival winner 2015

The cat video festival winner 2015 was announced August 12, 2015. One of five finalists was the winner of the coveted Golden Kitty award. Check out 2015 internet cat video finalists to watch the five selected videos for the internet cat video festival 2015 Golden Kitty award contenders. It’s hard not to be fun if cats are involved, but these are all especially really good, entertaining cat videos.

from ABC news, Australia –

Four years ago an experiment by the Walker Art Centre to explore the phenomenon of internet cat videos began and this week, their sell-out 4th Internet Cat Video Festival highlighted what we all already knew: The world cannot get enough of cats behaving — well, like cats.
“The crowd is absolutely awesome. We’ve got 13,000 people here and we’ve not had a single call,” Sergeant Paul Poulos of St. Paul, Minnesota, said, while patrolling the stadium.

by Jennifer King
The internet cat video festival 2015 winner of the Golden Kitty (People’s Choice) was

“Cat Behavior Finally Explained”

by Catastrophes youtube

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Save lions World Lion Day

All cat and animal lovers: Save lions World Lion Day is Monday August 10. World Lion Day is a day to promote preservation of our lions around the world. Click  Who To Support , it’s a page on the World Lion Day website. There are many organizations to support, including:
National Geographic’s lion conservation organization The Big Cat Initiatives. But do go to to get more information.

Lion, Singapore zoo

Singapore Zoo
photo by shari smith dunaif 2014

All of us, hopefully recognizes the need to preserve the priceless wildlife around the world. Lions, and all wild cats, are particularly special to My Kitty Care. We love and respect these magnificent creatures.

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Bali temple cat sculptures

Bali temple cat sculptures are exquisite, and many temples in Bali have them. My Kitty Care saw these cool Bali temple cat sculptures in Pemuteran, northern Bali. There’s several small, but lovely temples there: The Pulaki Temple, Pura Pabean and Pura Segara. Although these temples are visited by tourists, they are mostly used by the local Balinese.

Bali temple cat sculpture

Bali temple cat sculpture
photo by shari smith dunaif 2015

Bali temple cat sculpture

Bali temple cat sculpture photo by shari smith dunaif 2015













      In Hinduism, cats are a symbol of fertility.

Bali temple cat sculpture with teeth

grey Bali temple cat sculpture with teeth photo by shari smith dunaif 2015

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Walter James Walker kills lion

A Minneapolis dentist, Walter James Walker kills lion and created an international outrage when it was discovered that he killed Cecil the lion, a tourist favorite at Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

Cecil the lion and dentist Walter James Walker

Cecil before being slaughtered by Walter James Walker

Johnny Rodrigues of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force told The Washington Post in a phone interview, “He was beautiful — one of the most beautiful animals you’d ever see. Nine times out of 10, doing the safari drive, you’d come across him walking with his family. He was one of the animals it was guaranteed you were going to see. Thousands have seen him.”
The Minnesota-based dentist said he had the correct permits to hunt and kill the animal earlier this month. But the two people he hired to lure the lion to its death have been charged with breaching hunting quotas and appeared in court Wednesday. The Associated Press reported they had been paid at least $50,000 by Palmer.
The conservation group alleges that Palmer and the guides lured Cecil from the national park to an unprotected area by strapping a “dead animal to their vehicle” during a night time hunt.
Once the lion was off national park land, Palmer allegedly shot Cecil with a bow and arrow, but did not kill him. The group then tracked the wounded animal for 40 hours, finally shooting and killing him, Rodrigues said. Cecil was skinned and beheaded.
Palmer and the guides discovered that Cecil had been fitted with a GPS collar and tried to destroy it, Rodrigues said. The tracking device was part of an Oxford University study of the impact of hunting in the area around Hwange National Park.
Mr. Rodrigues also stated that
“The saddest part of all is that now that Cecil is dead, the next lion in the hierarchy…will most likely kill all six of Cecil’s cubs in order to encourage the lionesses to mate with him.”

dentist Walker lion killer

Walker (on left) on a previous lion killing

A stateside official expressed anger, too. U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, a Minnesota Democrat, in a statement late Tuesday called for an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to see whether any U.S. laws were violated.
Palmer clams he’s sorry, and didn’t know it was illegal. Oh yeah? Well read this –
NBC news reports: Palmer has a felony record over the hunting of black bear in Wisconsin, court documents show.
In 2006, Palmer had a permit to hunt bears within a certain area near Phillips, in northern Wisonsin. But on September 1, 2006, he was part of a group who killed a black bear 40 miles outside the permitted zone, based on court documents from April 2008.
Palmer and the group realized what they had done, and agreed amongst themselves “if any authorities were to ask where the bear had been killed, they would say” it was hunted within the correct area, the documents added.
They transported the carcass to a registration station where they certified the animal had been killed legally, the documents said, adding that the body was later taken to Minnesota, where Palmer lives.
Palmer was charged with knowingly making false statements to an agent of the Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, having “falsely stated that he thought the bear had been killed legally”. The 2008 court documents show Palmer was fined $3,000 and given a year’s probation after pleading guilty over the 2006 illegal killing of the black bear in Wisconsin.

I’d be afraid to have this guy work on my mouth: he’d pull out all my teeth just for the fun if it. Oh, and by the way –
According to the Minnesota Board of Dentistry, Palmer is properly licensed to practice in Minnesota,
However, citing the Minnesota Board of Dentistry, the dentist was also the subject of a sexual harassment complaint settled in 2006. He admitting no wrongdoing and agreed to pay a former receptionist more than $127,000, the Associated Press said.
And just to make sure we know HE is above the law:
He was also convicted in Minnesota court in 2003 for fishing without a licence.

Cecil the lion, Zimbabwe

Magnificent Cecil the lion

Back in Zimbabwe, police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said Palmer will face charges of poaching, the AP reported. Emmanuel Fundira, the president of the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe, said that Palmer’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

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Internet Cat Video Festival

The Internet Cat Video Festival is scheduled for August 12 this year, at CHS Field in Lowertown St. Paul, Minnesota, presented by the Walker Art Center, St.Paul.

2015 is the fourth year of the festival. Thousands of cat videos were submitted, and after a difficult decision, the following five were selected for the competition: “Pavlov’s Kitty”, “Back Off!”, “Cat Behavior Finally Explained”, “Brain Freeze” and “Hover Cat.” The cat videos were curated by Will Braden, creator of Henri La Chat Noir the first recipient of the Golden Kitty trophy. Voting for the Golden Kitty trophy (People’s Choice Award) for the most-deserving cat video is open until July 31. Click here to view all five finalists.

cat video festival, St. Paul, MN

cat video festival, St. Paul, MN
photo credit Walker Art Center

Vote for your favorite by Tweeting #votegoldenkitty with the name of your favorite video.
In addition to cat videos, CHS Field will also have cat-related activities, including “Meow Moves Yoga” and “In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater,” the Walker said.
Doors to the festival open at 6:30. The screening starts at 8:30.
Also, cat owners can email a photo of your cat(s), it’ll be included in a slideshow as part of the festival.

Initially, the festival was free. But in 2013 when it moved to the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair, festival-goers had to buy tickets. The 2015 ticket prices are: $10 for the general public; $8 for Walker members. Kids 6-12, $6 and children under five are free.

The Internet Cat Video Festival started in 2012 as something of a lark, but it became a global sensation as soon as it was announced. The events have each drawn thousands of people out to collectively to enjoy the internet videos that are usually savored individually, in the office or at home, on a small screen.

cat video festival crowd

Crowd at cat video festival
photo credit Walker Ar Center

What a great time to be in St. Paul!

The 2015 festival is touring the following cities:
January 17, Northbridge Piazza, Perth, AUSTRALIA
February 14-15, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, TN
February 17, Northampton Arts Council, Northampton, MA
February 21-22, Glasgow Life/Glasgow Arts, Glasgow, Scotland
February 24, Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

March 1, Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland
March 13, Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, NY
March 28, Nine Lives Greece, Athens, Greece
April 6, Duluth Art Institute, Duluth, MN
April 11, North Dakota Humanities Council, Bismarck, ND
April 18, Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River, OR
May 16, SPCA Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, FL
May 20, Japan Society, New York, NY
June 19-21, Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR
June 26-27, Animal Humane NM, Albuquerque, NM
June 27, Art for Cats’ Sake, New Orleans, LA
July 9-10, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
July 23, The Chief Theater, Steamboat Springs, CO
July 31 and August 1-2, Denver County Fair – Kitten Pavilion, Denver, CO
August 1, Myriad Gardens, Oklahoma City, OK
August 21, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
August 22, Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, ME
August 25, Utah Film Center, Salt Lake City, UT
August 28-29, Carrie A Seaman Animal Shelter, Provincetown, MA
September 19, Chicago Cat Rescue & Tree House, Chicago, IL
September 25, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY
October 3, Organikat, Los Angeles, CA
October 24, Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County, Port Charlotte, FL
November 19-21, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN
November 28, Town Hall Theater, Middlebury, VT

My Kitty Care is constantly entertained by cats!

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keep your cat safe in summer heat

In much of the country, summer temperatures can get quite high: so how to keep your cat safe in summer heat? With all the fur they wear, my kitty care is concerned about keeping our cats safe in the summer when it gets hot.
Here’s some tips to keep your cat safe in summer heat.
(from My Kitty Care and ARF)

Cats need fresh water

filtered fresh water
photo by shari smith dunaif 2015

To keep cats healthy, a water bowl must always be available for your cat. Cats need fresh water, every day. Fresh water keeps cats safe from otherwise becoming dehydrated. Every morning my cat gets fresh filtered water. In the heat of the summer, I’ll refresh my cat’s water bowl with cool, filtered water, at the end of the day too. That keeps my cat safe and healthy.

cat at window with screen

cat at open window with screen and additional screen
photo by shari smith dunaif 2015

Cats love to sit at the window, but during the hot summer days and nights, if your window is open, have secure screens. City cats who may live high above street level must be especially protected.

Adjustable Window Screen

45 in. x 24 in. Adjustable Wood Frame Wondow Screen




If your windows don’t have screens at all, or for additional security, you can buy separate expandable screens at most hardware stores for less than $10 each.


If you’re traveling with your cat, do not leave your cat in an unattended car. Even with open windows, a car can absorb so much heat, that very quickly your car can become an oven. Have you ever gone shopping, then in an hour (or less) you return to your car, open the door and are hit with overwhelmingly intense hot air? That’s what your cat is cooking in. In some states, it’s actually illegal.

Also, check your cat for ticks. Yuck. Even indoor cats may have ticks.

♥   Let’s keep our cats safe and healthy.  ♥

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Boarding my cat

Whether it’s a vacation, or renovating your house, do you think “Should I be boarding my cat?” Most people don’t think about having options for their cat. Increasingly, pet service businesses are recognizing the need for boarding  cats: hotels for cats.

luxury cat bed

luxury cat bed by Cedel Pets and Style

According to Stanley Coren’s May 2013 article in Psychology Today, Americans have 86 million cats and 78 million dogs. 33% of households have cats! whereas 39% have dogs (because 52% of households have more than one cat! but only 40% have more than one dog). Meanwhile, only 11% of people bring their cats on a vacation with them. Whereas 34% of families bring their dogs with them on vacation. Ok, so why do most pet services not offer boarding for cats?
Virginia Donohue, owner of Pet Camp, a day care and boarding business in San Francisco,says “With cats it’s difficult to have as much volume as with dogs,” Donohue said. “Cats are just more challenging economically.”

In 2014, Americans were projected to spend an estimated $4.73 billion on pet grooming and boarding services, according to the APPA (American Pet Products Association) pet owners survey. Just 5 percent of cat owners opt for kennel boarding or cat hotels, but average spending on services — $337 a year for cats — is double what it was at the time of the 2011-12 survey.

The a Happy Cat Hotel owners

Meg and Chris Raimo, owners of Happy Cat Hotel, in Kitty Kabana suite

In a January 2015 article in the Hartford Courant:
A Windsor, Connecticut couple, Chris and Meg Raimo, who also run an in-home pet care business, Home Sweet Home Pet Care, saw an opportunity.
In the latest APPA survey, 85 percent of cat owners cited love and companionship among their reasons for having a cat. Fifty-seven percent likened their cats to a child.
– yeah, we know that (My Kitty Care sure does) –
Chris said “Cat owners want the same services as their canine counterparts and are every bit as doting.” Chris said he found only two other cats-only boarding facilities in Connecticut, both along the shore. A third is a feline veterinary practice that also has cat boarding.
“Doing what we do” Meg Raimo said, “We see people treat their cats the way the most passionate people treat their dogs, they’re just not as visible. You don’t see them in dog parks.”
Reiki therapy, massage and other services once reserved for humans are not uncommon at facilities for both dogs and cats.
Rates at the Raimos’s The Happy Cat Hotel, run from $30 to $45 a night depending on the size and amenities in the room. There are 12 rooms to choose from, with eight more planned. Sizes range from 250 to 500 cubic feet. The largest, The Happy Cat Lounge, features a fake bar and a toy piano.

Boarding my cat The Happy Cat Hotel Bonsai room

The Stowaway room

The smallest, The Stowaway, has portholes and an open suitcase for a bed. Unlike the crate-like kitty condos, all of the rooms have 8-foot ceilings. Amenities include a comfy bed; climbing trees, walls and bridges; room-to-room and exterior windows; and bushes for hiding. For a few extra dollars, customers can add 24-hour web cam access, pick-up and delivery service, and corn- or walnut-based natural cat litter. Daily email updates on cats are no extra charge.
Kitty guests at the Happy Cat Hotel stay in themed “destination” rooms that evoke famous cities, historical figures and vacation getaways. One, called Uncity Kitty, looks like a rustic western lodge, with a fake fireplace and an outhouse covering the litter box. Other rooms include Cleocatra, Paris for the Weekend, and urban themed Mancattan.

One customer, Mary Minto, said her sibling tabbies, Gus and Salsa, enjoyed  three nights at Happy Cat Hotel so much, she had to lure them back into their crates with treats for the ride home. The two stayed in a seaside-themed luxury room, Kitty Kabana, and were lounging in a hammock suspended from the ceiling when she arrived to pick them up. “It’s a really great environment,” said Minto, a 32-year-old physician’s assistant and West Hartford resident. “They were happy. They actually didn’t want to come home. They were comfortable in there and hanging out. There were no issues.”

Chris and Meg Raimo said their business the Happy Cat Hotel has grown by about 20 percent a year since they opened it in 2007. They are in a leased 2200 square foot space, and currently have 20 full and part time employees. They serve about 180 families in Greater Hartford and the Farmington Valley.
The Happy Cat Hotel is close to I-91, so the couple had hoped to attract snow birds and vacationers on their way to and from Bradley International Airport, but instead, they said the range of customers has turned out to be much broader. “We have customers getting their carpets cleaned who bring a cat for a day,” said Meg, a former pet groomer. “We have people having Christmas parties looking for some place their cat can stay for the evening.”

Boarding my cat, The Happy Cat Hotel

The Happy Cat Hotel, Bonsai room,

Without the hotel, Alex Zaid said he and his wife, Carly, would probably not have left town for the Thanksgiving weekend. Their 5-year-old cat, Taj, had just had surgery and needed monitoring. Jack, their other cat, freaked out to the point of getting ill the last time they boarded him, Zaid said. When they arrived to pick up the cats this time, “they were great,” said Zaid, an actuary who lives in Glastonbury. “Taj had finished his medications and was super affectionate,” he said. “Jack was fine too.” The cats stayed in the Happy Cat Lounge. Zaid called the fake piano and other features “pretty cool”, but it was the care, not the bling ,that impressed him most. “Chris plays with the cats and gets to know them,” he said. “That was the factor that made the difference for us.”

Capt. Kitt’s Luxury Cat Boarding in Clinton, Ct. another is owned and operated by Valentina DeCosta and her husband Timothy Siegler. They offer nightly shrimp and tuna “cocktails”, soothing classical music, and aroma therapy using organic lavender oil. The typical stay is about nine days, customers come from as far as New York City and Rhode Island, Valentina said, and have a multitude of reasons for boarding their cat. One cat stayed for six months, DeCosta said, while its owner was in Singapore for an extended stay.

Cats staying in the Winsor, Ct. Nautilus Quarters, a deluxe condo is $50 a night. The kitty guests enjoy a 10-gallon aquarium and the sounds of the nearby fountain. Others condos have views of bird feeders and caged parakeets, both of which are safely separated from cats behind glass.
“We have met and exceeded our projections,” Meg Raimo said. “We are beyond thrilled.”
By Loretta Waldman, Hartford Courant
Here is a list of some boarding options for your cat
– My Kitty Care is only making suggestions of places based on research, not actual endorsements, since we haven’t been able to personally visit and assess these facilities. This list is to help you if you’ve decided “I want to board my cat” Go to their websites, call the cat hotel and ASK questions. I would scrutinize boarding my cat as carefully as I gather information when I’m booking a hotel for my family.

cat hotel Meowhaus, Portland, OR

Inside Meowhaus, cat hotel Portland, OR

portland, OR Meowhaus

Campbell, CA The Kitty Hotel

La Mesa, San Diego county, CA –   Kitty Care Hotel

Ithica, New York –  The Bed and Biscuit

East Islip, NY Catspa 631 277 3675

Shoreline, WA Purrfect Cat Boarding

Now you do have the option to say “I should be boarding my cat.”

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Cat and ultralight

Cat and ultralight are never said in the same sentence. But here’s a cool cat. A canopy mounted camera provides a video of a cat and ultralight, at a club in Guyanese, France. When this ultralight was parked, perhaps in the sun, maybe this cat saw a lovely spot to nap: warm, hammock-like spot. Then…
“Hey! Kinda noisy and windy – oh well, nice view.”

Wonder if this guy liked it enough to go for another ride?

Thanks Jenny

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