Hello Kitty Thanksgiving Parade

Macy's Day Parade 2014

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014

Hello Kitty says Happy Thanksgiving at the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. Hello Kitty knows how to “float” piloting her very own airplane. My Kitty Care loves you (whatever you are).


Hello Kitty Thanksgiving 2014

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014

My Kitty Care says Happy Thanksgiving to all, bipeds and four pawed creatures alike.

Cat Coffee Mugs

NEW! Unique, handcrafted cat coffee mugs at My Kitty Care shop, Gifts for Cat Lovers. These mugs are a cheery way to start the day – for you, or as a gift for the cat lover in your life.


Russell Pulick and Teddy, in Russell’s studio.

(Cat mugs on the shelf behind them).

Reminiscence cat Valentina


Reminiscence, New York City, famous for vintage clothes, fun gifts, great hats and Love Your Cat bags also has the beautiful Valentina. When Joan Bedor was in Reminiscence’s basement, she found a frightened kitten, cowering behind boxes of merchandise. Joan and her staff gently befriended and fed her until Valentina trusted them enough to let them pet her. Now she hangs out as THE store cat. She loves to be petted, and enjoys lounging on the counter. She makes the many people who visit Reminiscence smile, and those who frequent Reminiscence love the variety of cool stuff, the friendly staff and Valentina.


Traveling in a car with your cat

Driving my cat Bear to the vet, I feel safer when I strap her in with the seatbelt

Carrier: hand holds clasp





Pull over cat carrier –
Carrier - hand holds belt

Bear in carrier, under towel







I always place towels in carrier, so cats can wrap it around themselves and feel secure, and/or pee…

Carrier in car, with seatbelt




but remember, they’re not secure inside cat carrier, so I drive especially carefully




racoon cat

Bridget Behan of Montauk, NY, is mom to Mimi, an orphaned racoon, who is very cat like. In fact, is she related to the Maine Coon cat? Except, know any cats who love grapes?

Bridget feeds her kitten formula, but the only solid food she likes thus far are grapes!!!