cat lovers board game

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Cat lovers (maybe some Monoploly lovers too) will be thrilled to know that they’ve been heard: a company has created a ‘Cat-opoly’ board game, the cat lovers board game.

In 2013, Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly, replaced the dated “iron” marker with a cat! Worldwide, cat lovers were thrilled, animal lovers pleased.Monopoly cat marker

But cat lovers wanted more.

Cat-opoly board game

Monopoly? No, better than that: Cat-opoly!

A US company ‘Late for the sky” has now created Cat-opoly, an entire board   game that’s all about cats.

Cat board game catopoly

Ready to play?

Instead of buying properties, like in Monopoly, players compete against each other in Cat-opoly

  • to purchase cat breeds, which increase in price as one advances around the board.

Rather than purchasing houses

  • players shell out for litter boxes and then can opt to trade them in for fish bones.

Instead of players going to jail

  • experience something that most cats (pretend you’re a Turkish Van, who loves to swim) don’t appreciate – getting thrown into water!


Now let’s play Cat-opoly!

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