Cat Sitter notes

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Cat Sitter notes
by and for the people who become your cat’s aunts and uncles

Here are some suggested qualities that a good cat sitter must have

  1. Love cats
  2. Have time or makes time to spend with our cats
  3. Preferably have their own cats, or have had cats in the past
  4. Understands the importance of kitty litter
  5. Patience with kitty dinning
  6. Likes to play

A terrific place to try to find a cat sitter, especially if your cat has any special medical needs, is at your trusted vet’s office. That’s where we found the wonderful Bridget.
She took care of Bear from January 2014 – February 2015, when Bear was sick with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). Bridget came twice a day to give her fluids. Bear not only felt better because of the treatment, but also because Bridget is loving and caring and Bear feels it. Bear also knows she’s safe with Bridget.

cat sitter taking care of sick cat

Bridget with Bear photo by shari smith dunaif © 2014



Bridget works at the Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton





Bear gets mail

cat gets mail

our cat sitter Monika sent this to Bear


cat sends Get well card to cat

Monika sends Bear get well card photo by shari smith Dunaif 2015

Bear receives get well card from her Auntie Monika (her cat sitter)

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Chair poem, by Monika

cat in chair poem

Bear on chair photo by shari smith dunaif © 2015

Where’s Bear? Over there, On a chair

missing cat and empty chair

Bear not there photo by shari smith dunaif © 2015





Where’s Bear? Will look on chair. Nope, not there.




Monika Klein, cat sitter
the Hamptons, New York

My Kitty Care registered

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