Christmas cat sings Rocking ‘Round the Christmas Tree

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Sing and and dance with rocking Christmas kitty cat

Rocking ’round the Christmas tree with this singing Christmas cat! We keep playing with this fabulous Christmas card – Christmas cat sings, meows and dances – well, more like shaking than dancing, but Christmas cat moves!

A fun way to share a merry Christmas –

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, to all humans and kitty cats, oh OK, we love dogs too!

cat Christmas at Reminiscence, NYC

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Christmas at Reminiscence, NYC

A cat Christmas is always good, and a cat Christmas at Remoniscence, NYC is even better.

Reminiscence NYC Christmas and cat

Joan & Valentina Christmas at Reminiscence, NYC photo by shari smith dunaif ©2016








Joan, manager of Reminiscence, holds Valentina, the sweet cat she rescued from the building next door.  Valentina was a frightened, very shy little cat hiding behind boxes left in the basemen of the neighboring store, after it went out of business. Joan and her staff, especially along time employee Rodney, fed her, talked to her and gradually gained her trust.

She has grown into a healthy, beautiful, friendly cat – Joan and the staff love her, as do customers who come to Reminiscence to shop – actually, some people come to Reminiscence to visit with Valentina.

Christmas cat at Reminiscence

Joan & Valentina share a cat Christmas at Reminiscence NYC photo by shari smith dunaif ©2016


Happy Holidays Joan, Valentina, Rodney, Francisco, and Jules.

∧    ∧

Felix the cat balloon: Macy’s Thanksgiving parade

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Felix the cat balloon!

The annual 2016 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City celebrates it’s 90th anniversary. This year brings back the Felix the cat balloon, which was the first giant balloon to be part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in 1927.

flex the cat Macy's Thanksgiving parade 1927

Felix the cat 1927

Felix the cat

The first-ever Macy’s Day Parade actually took place on Christmas of 1924. Macy’s employees dressed as clowns, cowboys, and other fun costumes, and traveled with Central Park zoo animals and creative floats a lengthy six miles from Herald Square to Harlem in Manhattan.
The parade was meant to draw attention to the Macy’s store in NYC, and the gimmick worked – more than 250,000 people attended the inaugural Macy’s Day Parade.It was decided that this NYC parade would become an annual NY event in Manhattan.

Macy's Thanksgiving parade, 1927

Felix the cat balloon, Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, 1927

In 1927, Felix the Cat became the first giant balloon to ever take part in the Macy’s Day Parade. In 1928, Felix was inflated with helium, and without a plan to deflate this massive balloon, NYC parade organizers simply let Felix fly off into the sky. Unfortunately, he popped soon thereafter.


Felix the cat balloon replica of the original 1927 balloon, made for this year’s 2016 parade

Felix the cat balloon 2016

photo by shari smith dunaif ©2016

Felix the cat balloon face 2016

photo by shari smith dunaif ©2016









Happy Thanksgiving to all

Christmas card for cat lovers

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Jeez, is it time to get your Christmas card for cat lovers? “meow”

OK, Thanksgiving is approaching, so Christmas will sneak up on us soon enough. Get a unique, handcrafted Christmas card for the cat lovers in your life. Get 3, and we’ll ship them for free! That means with the money you save, you can buy extra treats for your cat. “Meow!”

cat christmas card

“Meowy” Christmas
photo by shari smith dunaif 2015


See the inside of the Meow cat Christmas card.

funny cat Halloween costumes

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A special Happy Halloween, for all funny cat Halloween costumes. My Kitty Care appreciates those cats who are celebrating Halloween in costume, and all family members who got their cats into their costumes and share them with us for Halloween.

here are a few kitty cat Halloween costumes:

Halloween batcat Kitty costume

batcat ready for Halloween

Aviator Halloween cat costume

Kitty pilots Halloween

Supercat cat Halloween costume

It’s a bird it’s a plane, no it’s Supercat!

scuba cat kitty halloween costume

scuba cat, kitty Halloween

Kitty Halloween businesscat costume

Businesscat, Kitty Halloween

spidercat Kitty Halloween costume

spidercat, Kitty Halloween

Lion cat Halloween Kitty costume

Lion cat king


















































Trick or treat, or in this case, both. Happy Halloween.

Hello Kitty Thanksgiving Parade

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Macy's Day Parade 2014

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014

Hello Kitty says Happy Thanksgiving at the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. Hello Kitty knows how to “float” piloting her very own airplane. My Kitty Care loves you (whatever you are).


Hello Kitty Thanksgiving 2014

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014

My Kitty Care says Happy Thanksgiving to all, bipeds and four pawed creatures alike.

dangerous Christmas cat toy

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How could a Christmas cat toy be dangerous?

This is important enough to remind everyone to beware of this dangerous Christmas  cat toy:

It’s always fun to give your
cat new toys, especially as Christmas gifts. But not all toys are
created equal, in fact some toys are dangerous for your cat
although they are sold for cats. For example, this prepackaged
Christmas cat toy stocking contains an especially dangerous toy.20140101-094108.jpg
This green spiky thing is like giving your cat shredded ribbon: and
if a cat ingests ribbon, string, that sort of thing, it is very
This particular toy sheds:

I immediately threw this toy away.

Happy New Year
for all 2 and 4 legged creatures (and if you have fins, too)!