How to keep cats healthy

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How to keep cats healthy? Sharing information, tips and knowledge is very important to My Kitty Care. Vets, groomers, pet grief therapist, anyone who contributes to help us achieve that, those who do it professionally and those who do it for personal reasons, we are happy to hear from you. Let’s talk about cats!

            check out Claude West’s guide on what to NOT feed your cat, to sign up for the guide, go to:

7 easy tip

Dr.Turtesky at The Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton,
New York 631 324 7900

Dr.Turetsky examines stray cat

Dr.Turetsky examines Dutch photo by shari smith dunaif © 2012

Update on Dutch, a stray Dr. Turetsky housed at The Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton: he was adopted and now lives with another cat, Gwen.

Here’s a great way to find a vet near you:   Find a feline vet
from the American Association of Feline Practitioners

Professional groomer checks cat's eyes

Gerry checks Bear’s eyes
photo by shari smith dunaif © 2012

Love Your Cat: Kitty Care, chapter 2, video shows professional groomer, Gerry Bethune, how to groom, bathe and check your cat’s general health.

Mindful Tails, Mary Bruce and  Mindful Tails is an inovative technique to keep your cat calm and healthy. Tavi and Friends adopts cats, especially ones who need special care.

Cherished Pets, is run by Jo Ann Davis who speciializes in pet bereavement. Ms. Davis is a trained therapist, who is sensitive to the difficult and confusing impact the loss of our pets have on us.

Jo Ann Davis

Jo Ann Davis

Jo Ann Davis





Carole Wilbourne

Carole Wilbourne

Carole Wilbourn

author of several books about cats including

 Think Like A Cat  Pet Nutritionals Science, Rosemary Szepesi & Dr. Myron Seligman

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