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Are you a cat lover? Me too. But when it became time to replace my beat up, generic messenger bag, I wanted a cat themed one, but couldn’t find anything I liked – most were too cutesy for my taste. I also needed gifts for my friends and family, many who are also cat lovers, but that too was difficult to find hip, unique gifts for cat lovers.

So, My Kitty Care searched and found some unique items so you can shop for cat lovers, whether it’s yourself or for the cat lovers in your life, especially you. To start, we created our own collection of Love Your Cat messenger, market/tote and carry-all bags; and the cat iphone wallet wristlet is handcrafted, NYC and designed by My Kitty Care – they are the coolest, unique bags and iphone cases you can find. All of our bags and wristlets are strong and utilitarian, yet hip and fun.

my kitty care found tiger necklaces from Bali, and handcrafted cat coffee mugs from New York.

we created our own line of various bags that are strong and utilitarian, yet really cool and fun. My kitty care designed messenger bags, a carry-all bags, market/tote bags and iPhone wristlets. well made bags that you, your friends, family, all cat lovers would love to have.The search for cool cat bags and an iphone wristlets (a wallet and an iphone case) resulted in designing a line of Love Your Cat bags by My Kitty Care

    Love Your Cat bags cat iphone wallet wristlets
 Cat necklaces
 handcrafted cat coffee mugs
  kitty cat Christmas cards


My Kitty Care is constantly on the prowl for unique cat themed items, for you and the cat lovers in your life.

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cat art the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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cat art at The Metropolitan Museum

Last week, my friend Jenny and I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in New York City,  Although we didn’t seek out cats in art, we happily found two excellent examples. The first one is a sculpture by Giacometti. I really like most of his work, but hadn’t seen this particular cat sculpture in bronze. Turns out the only other animal sculptures he did was one of a dog, two of horses.

Giacometti (1901-1966) cat bronze, 1954

Giacometti bronze cat

Giacometti cat
photo by shari smith dunaif © 2017


Giacometti remembered that his brother Diego’s cat “passed just like a ray of light,” squeezing it’s lithe and predatory form close to objects without ever touching them.

from The Metropolitan Museum

The other wonderful surprise was because Jenny wanted to track down an artist she likes: Balthus. Luckily for us, when asking for directions from a Met guard, he steered us to the painting Jenny wanted to see, then generously directed us to Balthus paintings scattered in other collections, around the museum. That’s how we came upon Thérèsa Dreaming, a 1938 painting by Balthus.

Balthus Thérèsa Dreaming

Thérèsa Dreaming
photo by shari smith dunaif © 2017

Being that Jenny is a cat person too, we were both delighted by the cat in the painting.

cat in Balthus painting Thérèsa Dreaming

the cat in Thérèsa Dreaming
photo by shari smith dunaif © 2017


Thérèsa Blanchard, who was about twelve or thirteen at the   time this picture was made, and her brother Hubert were neighbors of Balthus in Paris. She appears alone, with her cat, or with her brother in a series of  eleven painting between 1936 and 1939.

From The Metropolitan Museum

Jenny and I had a fabulous day. Can’t wait to return to The Met to discover more cats in art.


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