kitty litter detects sick cats

Someone has figured it out: kitty litter detects sick cats.  There are many kitty litter products on the market, for many purposes, but none that detects sick cats – sounds like a good idea.

kitty litter detects sick cats

cat in kitty litter box
photo by shari smith dunaif 2015

Pretty Litter is a new company that offers kitty litter that detects sick cats. My Kitty Care went on Pretty Litter’s website, and saw this

…changes color to detect common feline health issues.

but couldn’t find out what material is used for the product so My Kitty Care contacted The company. Erin Vadala handles the company’s media, and responded with the following:

Pretty Litter uses natural ingredients made of silica gel with an additive similar to the ph dipstick a veterinarian would use to test a cat for any urinary anomalies. It’s scoopable, flushable, dust-free, feline-safe, and
Thanks, Erin


cat looks at Kitty litter box

cat looks at Kitty litter box
photo by shari smith dunaif 2015

This kitty litter may be helpful in detecting CKD (chronic kidney disease) or acute kidney disease, which many cats get, and urinary infections. These health problems, like most health issues with cats, are difficult to detect, especially early in the disease – so it would be terrific if this Pretty Litter kitty litter really works.

cat talks about kitty litter

My cat talks about kitty litter. It really only happened once. Toby always knows when I wake up because that’s when he
jumps on the bed next to me. I give him a corner of bunched up
sheet & blanket so he can knead it and nestle against me,
and I lie there a bit with him, for Toby Time. Yesterday, the
blanket on my husband’s side of the bed was peeled back (he was
making coffee) and Toby jumped up on his side and started
scratching the fitted sheet – I gave him the bunched up sheet but
he didn’t want it. He leapt off the bed, then he meowed: he’s an
introvert, so he usually doesn’t say much. He came back and did the
same thing and again fled, rather agitated. I got up and Toby paced
by the litter box. I took the hood off, and saw that the little
litter left had already been saturated (we had come home late the
night before, after being out-of-town with the cats). He went
inside the hood, so I turned it on its side; scooped out the
litter, and went to the bathroom to clean and refill the box. When
I came back with fresh litter, poor Toby was finishing peeing in
the bag with the spent litter. He is a camel, but he just had to go
and was TELLING us: scratching as if in a litter box, meowing,
pacing by the box. Toby spoke.

cat talks about kitty litter

photo by shari smith dunaif 2014