cat Christmas at Reminiscence, NYC

Christmas at Reminiscence, NYC

A cat Christmas is always good, and a cat Christmas at Remoniscence, NYC is even better.

Reminiscence NYC Christmas and cat

Joan & Valentina Christmas at Reminiscence, NYC photo by shari smith dunaif ©2016








Joan, manager of Reminiscence, holds Valentina, the sweet cat she rescued from the building next door.  Valentina was a frightened, very shy little cat hiding behind boxes left in the basemen of the neighboring store, after it went out of business. Joan and her staff, especially along time employee Rodney, fed her, talked to her and gradually gained her trust.

She has grown into a healthy, beautiful, friendly cat – Joan and the staff love her, as do customers who come to Reminiscence to shop – actually, some people come to Reminiscence to visit with Valentina.

Christmas cat at Reminiscence

Joan & Valentina share a cat Christmas at Reminiscence NYC photo by shari smith dunaif ©2016


Happy Holidays Joan, Valentina, Rodney, Francisco, and Jules.

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Reminiscence New York city cat

Reminiscence New York city, found a new cat.

Reminiscence New York city new cat

new cat at Reminiscence                                       photo by shari smith dunaif 2015

Reminiscence, famous for vintage clothes, fun gifts, great hats and Love Your Cat bags also has a new cat, the beautiful Valentina. When Joan Bedor was in Reminiscence’s basement, she found a frightened kitten, cowering behind boxes of merchandise. Joan and her staff gently befriended and fed her until Valentina trusted them enough to let them pet her. Now she hangs out as THE store cat. She loves to be petted, and enjoys lounging on the counter. She makes the many people who visit Reminiscence smile, and those who frequent Reminiscence love the variety of cool stuff, the friendly staff and Valentina.

Joan with Valentina, Reminiscence New York city

Joan with Valentina, Reminiscence, New York city photo by shari smith dunaif 2015

Congrats to Joan and staff at Reminiscence for rescuing Valentina.