The scratching post blog let’s talk about cats

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The scratching post blog

Come join us, cat lovers, at the scratching post blog let’s talk about cats! We blog all kinds of topics for and about all kinds of cats, in all kinds of places and all types of cat people. The scratching post provides useful information about cats: how to take care of sick cats, cats with CKD, dangerous cat toys, recalled cat food, how to handle various cat health issues, and other helpful stuff about cats. We also write about whatever catches our eye about cats: Hello Kitty, fun facts about cats, cats 😺 in art, cats around the world, and since cats are mighty entertaining, we gleefully share videos and photos of cats that make us LOL. So cat lovers, fans and friends the scratching post is the blog for everyone who lives with cats, takes care of cats, loves cats, works with cats, travels with cats, wants cats

let’s talk about cats!

My Kitty Care registeredthe scratching post blog includes: Travel with Cats   Taking Care of Sick Cats    Keeping Our Cats Healthy  ♥  Funny Cat Stuff  ♥  Cats Around the World   Holiday cats ♥  Help for people allergic to cats

We welcome your comments and input. We also love sharing photos of our cats, and your cats.

let's talk about cats!