“Punk Rock Kitty Cat” fun punk rock song


At the end of February of this year, the band The Nearly Deads released, Punk Rock Kitty Cat. Like all things about cats, the title of this song Punk Rock Kitty Cat caught my eye.

I’d never heard of the band The Nearly Deads.

The Nashville rock band The Nearly Dead’s have been around nearly a decade. They are: vocalist Theresa Jeane, Steven Tobi (guitar), Javier Garza Jr. (guitar) and Josh Perrone (drums) and known for, in their own words

“…powerful pop vocals and aggressive alternative rock music combined with their love of all things geek and messages of positivity and empowerment…”

My musical taste are quite eclectic and does include punk rock. Of course I had to give it a listen: it’s got the simplicity of punk, a driving beat, it’s funny, and, oddly enough for a punk band, CUTE!

The Nearly Deads

lyrics for Punk Rock Kitty Cat

Look at mee-OW!
Cause I’m a punk rock kitty cat
Looking fierce and acting frisky
Punk Rock Kitty Cat
Taking naps and lapping whiskey
Punk Rock Kitty Cat
Gettin’ faded, catnip wasted

photo by Daniel Howell Photography

from guitar girl magazine, Theresa Jeane says about the song

Punk Rock Kitty Cat” is a fun song about being yourself and finding your place. I was very influenced by The Ramones and the Sex Pistols and wanted it to have that goofy lo-fi punk rock sound.

click on The Nearly Dead’s to find out more about the band and their music

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Updated vaccination recommendations for your cat

I’ve wondered about the vaccinations vets want to give our cats. Some vets advocate several vaccinations, others suggest less. So the question is, what are these vaccines, and do our cats really need them?

Vaccination recommendations not updated annually

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) update their recommended feline vaccinations every seven years — seven years! The most current update occurred in 2020. Prior updates were in 2013 and 2006. These updates are intended as guidelines for veterinarians, but I want to know what they are. Don’t you?

What you need to consider

  • whether your cat is an indoor or an outdoor cat: it can determine what diseases your cat is likely to be exposed to
  • what vaccinations are core — meaning recommended for all cats
  • is it for a potentially fatal disease
  • what vaccinations are non-core — meaning optional
  • does the vaccine have serious side effects?
  • giving your cat a title test: a blood test that determines the presence of antibodies that develop in response to the vaccine. 

note: The titular test will determine if your cat has a functional immune response from a vaccine or possible immunity from contact with other cats, otherwise, your cat has gotten the toxicity of the vaccine but none of the benefit. This may help you decide whether and what vaccines to give your cat.

core vaccinations for cats 1 year and older

  • FPL (Feline panleukopenia)* also known as feline infectious enteritis or feline distemper, caused by FPL virus or feline parvovirus (FPLV).
  • FVR (Feline viral rhinotracheitis), also known as herpes virus type 1 (FHV-1) caused by FVR virus.
  • FCV (Feline Caliciviral) caused by various strains of feline caliciviruses.
  • Rabies**

notes: *Changed from parvovirus to panleukopenia in 2013 (in cats, parvo causes panleukopenia).
**Vaccination against rabies is essential in regions where it is required by statute/law or where the virus is endemic.

non-core vaccinations for cats 1 year and older

  • FeLV (for cats older than 1 year)
  • Chlamydia felis, an upper respiratory disease caused by bacteria, found in shelters, pet shops or colonies.
  • Bordetella bronchiseptica, another upper respiratory disease caused by bacteria and also found in cats in shelters, pet shops or colonies.

FP (Feline panleukopenia), also known as feline distemper, is a highly contagious viral disease among cats. After 1 year of age, the need for subsequent vaccination is determined by your cat’s risk factors. The virus doesn’t infect people.

Here’s something else to pay attention to: sarcomas. What is that? A cancerous tumor. A vaccine sarcoma can occur weeks or even years later. Feline rabies vaccine and the feline leukemia virus (FeLV) vaccine are the main culprits. Prior to the 1990s, cats were typically vaccinated between the shoulders. By 2013, researchers realized that by administrating vaccines in the tail was less disfiguring if a sarcoma developes.

photo by Shari smith dunaif ©2019

in conclusion, make an educated decision about vaccinating your cat. To state the obvious, if you choose not to give your cat a particular vaccination, or any vaccinations, and your cat is exposed to the disease he/she isn’t vaccinated for, your cat could get sick or even die. Meanwhile, cats who are exclusively indoor cats are mostly protected via their lifestyle, and receiving a vaccination can create it’s own risk. It is critical to weigh benefits vs. risks.

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Kitty Cat Dance as memes and art

Some cat videos are big money

Did you know a digital file can be sold? And a fun, silly video deemed art? I didn’t. I know there’s monetary benefits for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube stars who have a wide enough audience that advertisers pay for exposure to their followers. But this is something different and involves cyber money. It isn’t bitcoin, which I understand, kinda. This is ETH, short for Ethereum, which are uniquely “minted” values.

Stephen Ibsen’s video is a recent example of a ETH sale. Kitty Cat Dance gained recognition as art, and finally earned him money for creating it. This was accomplished by NFTs— NFTs tap into the same interests and habits of traditional collectors, but with a contemporary monetary system. It’s based on the idea of validating digital assets that can then be bought, sold or traded.

Steve Ibsen on TikTok calling out his claim to fame. (TikTok screenshot via Steve Ibsen)

What is a NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

“Non-fungible” more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. For example, a bitcoin is fungible — trade one for another bitcoin, and you’ll have exactly the same thing. A one-of-a-kind trading card, however, is non-fungible. If you traded it for a different card, you’d have something completely different. You gave up a Squirtle, and got a 1909 T206 Honus Wagner, which StadiumTalk calls “the Mona Lisa of baseball cards.” (I’ll take their word for it.)

from theverge.com

In 2004, 17 year old Steve Ibsen was about to leave his house when he noticed his cat, Kayla. “I had just bought a camera for a photography class in high school,” Ibsen said. He grabbed the state-of-the-art 3.2MP Sony Cyber-digital camera, and shot her poses as she lounged. “When I was flipping through the pictures on the camera, just back and forth, it literally looked like she was dancing and it just kind of snapped together,” Ibsen said. Later he edited the cute images into the sequence that did make Kayla look like she was dancing. Ibsen added Kitty Cat Dance, a song he wrote and recorded on his four-track.

selfie with Kayla by Stephen Ibsen

The video was uploaded to his high school blog, G-shack.com, which no longer exists.
Since then, Ibsen put “Kitty Cat Dance” on his own YouTube channel, which has garnered 18 million views. But that’s nothing compared to it’s popularity as a meme; it’s been stolen, copied, and uploaded by companies that profited off of Ibsen’s creation.

That all changed Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 11:50am. Ibsen auctioned the original digital file: Artwork listed by @steveibsen 1.00 ETH 1.00 ($1,810.04).

Ibsen’s, and other auctions, happen on the platform Foundation. The meme “Bad Luck Brian” sold on Tuesday for 20 ETH, or Ether, the cryptocurrency for the Ethereum ( U.S. dollar equivalent is $38,850.20).

Perhaps some of you remember Nyan Cat, created by Chris Torres. I don’t, but here it is: simple, cute. But is it art? Is it worth anything?

click Nyan Cat to see original video

Chris Torres, who started #memeconomy, told Know Your Meme News that the NFT space is a perfect place to bring back the power of memes to the artists who have struggled to get recognition for their contributions to internet culture.

He added, “I’ve seen so many good artists lose out because their memes just get so big that they get stolen by large corporations,” Torres told Know Your Meme. “These artists never see a dime for their work, and it’s always just resonated with me.”

Nyan Cat NFT Sells

Torres created Nyan Cat in 2011. On February 21, 2021, The 24 hour auction took place on the crypto art platform Foundation, with bids starting at 3 ETH. The .gif file (the still of Nyan Cat as seen above) wasn’t purchased, and remains reproducible…

“…but a cryptographic hash of the psychedelic image on the Ethereum blockchain [was sold].”

from Daniel Kuhn, coindesk.com

Note: Honestly, I have no idea what Mr. Kuhn is talking about. It’s too technical and involved for me, but it is interesting to learn how collectors and artists and all those cat videos are currently dealing with ownership, payment and defining contemporary art.

Anyway, this was Torres’s first experiment with NFTs, but not his last. He said, “I am still relatively new to crypto in general, but I see its full potential.”

On February 22, 2021, Nyan Cat sold for 300.00 ETH (about $590,000).

Stephen Ibsen sees a future for NFTs and cat videos

“Putting it in an NFT format is just a great way to kind of put a flag down for myself,” Ibsen said. “I don’t know if other artists feel the same way. It’s a huge honor. It feels like it’s being put in a digital museum, almost.”

Ibsen won’t be able to share the glory with Kayla, the star of “Kitty Cat Dance.” She died at around 14 years old in 2011. But he can with his two 18-year-old cats, adopted when Ibsen moved into a rented apartment in Seattle — the previous tenant abandoned them. Will they become cat memes? Stars of new video art?

Kitty Cat Dance winning bid placed by 0x30b4…D22F — the buyer is only identified as an anonymous line of code, on March 12, 2021 at 2:06am, was 2.00 ETH ($3,620.08)

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Taking your cat outside for the first time

Our cat Marnie Loves hanging out in our lanai, but…

Marnie thinks, ‘Lovely day out.’ photo © 2021 shari smith dunaif

Marnie was adopted from a Florida kill shelter. She was there because she previously lived in a hoarder’s house, although we don’t know anything else about her. Marnie is very comfortable as an indoor cat, but she loves being in our screened-in lanai.

Both our cats are indoor cats, for many reasons: it’s safer. But Marnie would prefer to be in the lanai all the time, except at bedtime because she prefers to sleep with us.

We finally decided to give Marnie a chance to explore beyond the lanai. But it would be irresponsible to simply open the door and let her go. Maybe she’d run after a squirrel and get lost. Bad things can happen to outdoor cats.

So we put her harness on, attached to a leash. This was a great first step for her, and for us. She walked slowly and carefully, but she knew she was safe. She was fine and didn’t want to run off or hide.

Marnie settled under this bush, and relaxed. She laid there for a while, quite content.

The next time Marnie goes outside, she will wear her harness, and we will keep a leash on her. Her little adventures will always be supervised; we want to keep Marnie safe and secure. Some people may eventually let their cat loose, or maybe they have a completely enclosed and secure yard. But if your taking your cat outside for the first time, doing it gradually and safely is always recommended — that’s why we suggest your cat wears a harness and has a leash. And as far as Marnie is concerned, she is okay with being near us.

Cats have Thanksgiving dinner

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It’s a lovely holiday when we can be grateful for the good things in our lives, particularly, for those we love. We celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing a feast together. Toby and Marnie celebrate Thanksgiving too, with a Thanksgiving dinner, and pumpkin, too.

photo by shari smith dunsif© 2020

In addition to a special cat food dinner, Toby and Marnie get added pumpkin. It’s healthy, and they like it!

photo by shari smith dunaif © 2018

Marnie enjoys her Thanksgiving dinner, with pumpkin mixed in.

Marnie dinning on turkey dinner and pumpkin — shari smith dunaif © 2020

Toby enjoys his dinner, with organic pumpkin, too.

Toby licking his chops— by shari smith dunaif © 2020

Love, gratitude, and thanks to all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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