gift wrapping and cats

 cats love gift wrapping

The holidays are fun for all! Which means, of course, cats love it too. Maybe they get toys for Christmas, or treats on Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. Gifts are a big part of how we celebrate most holidays this time of year – gifts that have to be wrapped. So when you take out the rolls of wrapping paper and ribbons, keep an eye on your cat. If you notice your cat too interested in the ribbon – get it away from your cat! Ribbon, string or anything like that for that matter, could be very dangerous for your cat if they ingest it. So wrap your gifts, play with your cat, but keep them safe and make sure ribbon that they play with doesn’t get chewed on and swallowed.

Christmas eve or Christmas Day, whenever you and your family unwrap your gifts, that is also when you must watch your cat playing and possibly chewing and eating discarded ribbons.

Happy holidays to all two and four footed creatures!