Love My Cat: the sweetest cat ever

Steve and Bear: paws on face

Steve with Bear before she was sick

Sad sad news: on Sunday February 22, 2015, we lost our beloved Kitty Bear, the sweetest cat ever. We had to make the awful decision to let her go. She had a sudden and drastic decline, and we felt the loving thing to do was to make the incredibly painful decision to let her go. Bear had CKD (chronic kidney disease) which is a fatal, incurable disease. She survived for 14 months via sub Q fluids, and various other medications. Her sub Q fluids began as an every other day treatment, but it was increased to everyday. Eventually, she received the sub Q fluid injections twice a day, which occurred for the last several months of Bear’s life. During the 14 months of Bear’s illness, she suffered two crashes – the description of how a cat can be abruptly and sometimes fatally effected by CKD. Thanks to Dr.Turetsky and Dr.Katz, and Barbara Grimes, from The Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton, for taking such loving care of her. A special thank you to Bridget Behan, who took care of Bear for a year, coming to our house to give her the life saving injections, and showing up twice a day for months, also from The Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton.

She was such a sweet, loving Bear.

We miss you, sweetheart